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Nov, 2021: With heavy hearts, we report that Steve Downey lost his long and courageous battle with cancer on November 15, 2021. Steve was the primary creative and driving force behind Legion. He was a wonderful husband, father, grandfather, and friend to all who knew him. Rest in Peace.

Oct, 2019: Converted the site to a new format and tried not to lose stuff! I think it's all there and hopefully has a clean new look! Try it, you'll like it!

Dec, 2016: Rick Lamb was visiting family in Maryland, providing an opportunity to get together for lunch and lots of reminiscing with Robin Church! Photo on the Museum page.

Jul, 2016: Restored audio files and added many more MP3 files previously unpublished. Repaired many broken links, added horizontal navigation links at the top, installed a new Guestbook, and applied a good paste wax!.

Feb, 2012: Sadly, we lost a good man today, February 1, 2012. Former Wichita radio personality and good friend of the band, Rick Gannon passed away today, reportedly from complications from heart surgery. Gannon worked at several Wichita radio stations from 1969 to 2010, including KLEO, to KQAM, KICT, and KEYN. Gannon was inducted into the Wichita Radio Hall of Fame in 2001. Rest in Peace.

March, 2010: After 36+ years of service, Thane "Wild Thane" Rogers retires from the Wichita City Parks Department!

Feb, 2010: Finally getting around to updating and restoring the pictures lost with the move from our old site (MSN) to the new Google site!

May, 2008: New "Relics" page, with new mp3's from deep within Downey's closet, and a couple pictures of Doug Terbush in a "Mini-Max" section of "Pre-Legion Days."

May, 2008: Added a current picture of Mike Crabtree and modified "Pre-Legion Days" page per Mike's comments (Thanks, Mike!) Added New Destination "Shining Star" mp3 and new LINKS for Crabtree Family News, Kansas Music Hall of Fame, and KC & the GenOne Rockers.

Mar, 2008: OK... I watched the movie, and neither "Sweet" nor any strain of "Does Your Mama Know" play over the opening scenes of the movie. Apparently, it was just used for the concept album. Oops. My bad.

Jan, 2008: If it's sometimes true that what's old is new again, then longtime Wichita musician Rudy Love is on the cutting edge. One of his songs from the 1970s, "Does Your Mama Know You Do This, Little Girl?" has been sampled by rapper Jay-Z in his concept album for the movie "American Gangster," starring Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe. The song, called "Sweet," will play over the movie's opening scenes, Love said. Steve Downey played guitar, and Robin Church played the clavinet on the track... check it out:


Jun, 2007: Bryan Hill died on June 1, 2007, following a lengthy battle with MS. Bryan is survived by his wife, Teresa Quinn, daughter Arlee Anne of Lakewood, CO, uncles Edward Van Hill of Ponca City, OK, and Robert Annath of Okmulgee OK, and cousins Darragh and David Young. Bryan was a wonderful friend to all who knew him, and he will be dearly missed.

Feb, 2007: New picture of Steve with Tommy Emmanuel

Oct. 2006: New link on home page for Rick Gannon's page @ KEYN Radio

May, 2006: New pictures of the New Destinations and Board of Regents in the Museum "Pre-Legion Days" page. Robin's daughter, Jessica, married on May 14th! Man, we must be gettin' OLD!

April, 2006: In the "Teaching an old dog a new trick" department, check out Robin's MySpace page: http://myspace.com/robinchurch

March, 2006: Old pictures of "The Jokers" and "Tin Ear" added to Museum page. Enabled Guest Book again, and hoping that the spammers have moved on to greener pastures.

February, 2006: Some reorganization, added "Pre-Legion Days" page, pictures of bounced Stage Door Inn check, Casino owner Terry Graham, and of a Peavey PA head.

January 25, 2006: New pictures from Downey: Legion poster, Casino "Free Pass" card, and Family Circle "Teen Dance" ticket.

December 17, 2005: Wichita newspaper clipping about King Kung Fu movie gala!

October 30, 2005: Chris & Rick meet in Dillsburg, PA!

September 19, 2005: Bryan, Legion's official historian, reminds us that 33 years ago today the band debuted at the Casino Club! Happy Anniversary!

July, 2005: New mp3's! Check 'em out!

June, 2005: Thane spent the past few months transferring old Legion recordings from 1/4" tape to the digital domain, creating several new CD's chock full of memories. THANK YOU, THANE!

Dec. 2003: Howdy! Lots of new stuff on the site in the past few weeks.

    • New Sounds page added with MP3 files!

    • All of the band member bio pages are in place

    • Still looking for pictures of the Grahams, bartenders, waitresses, and customers

Patrick, Chris, and Bryan at Dave Biondi's Studio