Rudy Love

Steve Downey and Robin Church played guitar and clavinet on one of Rudy Love's tunes, "Does Your Mama Know?".

Tyree Judie may have actually played the signature lick on the recording.

Downey also put Arp string parts on a tune called "House Wife Blues" for Rudy.

Rudy Love and the Love Family - Does Your Mama Know (Calla 1976)

Rudy Love and the Love Family LP Cover (Calla 1976)

That song was sampled by rapper Jay-Z on "Sweet," which was used for his concept CD for the Denzel Washington/Russel Crowe movie, "American Gangster!"


It was also later sampled by Prodigy feat. Big Twins on "What a Real Mobb Do."

Prodigy feat. Big Twins "What a Real Mobb Do"