Boogie band photo

Thane and Terry quit the three piece "Axis" because Downey quit to go with the Board of Regents. Thane and Terry tried to make it work with Russ Bomhoff. Then Thane left to join Legion. At that time, Terry started Boogie with Randy Rickman and Bill Wulslaeger.

Al Roe was playing Hammond but he left Boogie and showed up later with Steve House in Starr.

Starr had a 4 piece horn section with George Naylor and Ron Barnhart on trumpets, Reid Miller on trombone and Steve House on sax. They played at the Wild Hare on South Seneca for about a year.

Terry got Norman Mehl hired with Boogie, which lasted for a while until Rickman went with Head East then on to Exile and Larry Mingle left. Gary Heitz joined Boogie we were a four piece by then with Wulslaeger, Mehl, Heitz and Hacker.

A lot of switching around and back!

Boogie Band Poster
Boogie band collage

Shady Oak Bombers

Another group with the illustrious Terry Hacker!

Shady Oak Bombers band poster