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Tin Ear

Purple Frail


Soul & Show


Weekly at the Camelot Club

Bryan Hill and Doug Terbush played at the Camelot Club, on E. Harry, for quite a long time before being joined by Robin Church and Rick Lamb. At that time, Bryan was the drummer, and what a drummer he was! Bryan and Doug knew each other so well that the music sounded like it came from one mind.

Doug Terbush at the Camelot Club


This was the band that Bryan put together to replace Legion at the Casino.

Larry Mingle on guitar, Skip Singerhausen on keyboards, Perry Overstake on bass, Brad Bartlett and Bryan was the front man.

Photos, courtesy Thane Rogers

Hard Road

Headstone with Steve Downey

Photo courtesy Thane Rogers

Ronn Russ on Guitar, Russ Weiss on drums, Howard Van Fange on bass, Jerry Powell on keyboards, and Steve Downey fronted the band.

During the day, they all had jobs at the Hair Club for Men!