The Casino

There are so many personalities and memories from the Casino days! We had the best bouncer in town, Ned Hallacy! Ned was a golden gloves boxer who never had to punch anyone twice! Luckily, that reputation was well-known, so he rarely had to use his muscle. I saw him lift a troublemaker off the ground with an uppercut! Another time, one patron had had too much to drink and was getting out of control. Ned approached him and politely told him to cool down a bit.

The troublemaker stood up to Ned and shouted, "Do you know who you're talking to?"

Ned knocked the guy out with one punch, and then leaned over and asked,

"No; who?"

Owner, Terry Graham at the front door.

Terry Graham and Bryan

Owner, Bud Graham

Pat Kelly and Sherlyn

Best bartender!

No, it's not a nuclear plant cooling tower... it's the FABULOUS CASINO MUG!