Rubber Duck / Soul

From Thane's memory...

"As I recall, we started out as Rubber Duck with Scott Russ (Scotty) on keyboards. We were a regular rotating band at The Colony Club, under Parrot-Fa-Nalia. That was Henry & Sally Mar's place. The best part of the gig was that every Saturday night after the club closed Henry would serve the band a big oriental feast ( first time I had frog legs). Man that guy could cook.

This was before Legion during my 3rd year in college (WSU). Robin, remember, you and I meeting every week in the music room to supposedly study but, usually slept because we were both playing 10pm to 2am gigs, 4 or 5 nights a week. I just about flunked out that year. The music room contained an old defunct built-in radio with big speaker cabinets. One day, when no one was there but Robin & I, we pulled off the speaker cabinet front and Robin crawled in. I put the cover back on. Then when other students started coming in, Robin starts imitating a radio program. What a riot.

Anyway, Rubber Duck moved to The Web on south Seneca, Ronn Russ managed the club. When we made that move, the name changed from Rubber Duck to Rubber Soul. At some point, Scotty left the band and we hired the guy in the photo. Mike is all that I remember. Don't recall his last name. So in the photo of Rubber Duck/Rubber Soul - me, Mike, Howard Von Fange, Cornelius Neal (aka Baby Neal, aka C. C. Neal), Ronn Russ."

Rubber Soul, circa 1972

Rubber Soul