Jim Rogers, Thane Rogers, Patrick Kelly, Terry Hacker, Steve Downey, Rick Lamb

January, 2019

Jerry Powell

Jerry Powell, center, surrounded by friends

Back (4th) Row, L to R: Jerry Cusick, Jim Woods

3rd Row: John Bonner, Drake Macy, Steve Downey, Gary Bussard, Eddie Moore, Don Clark

2nd Row: Connie White, Jerry Powell, Patrick Preboth

1st Row: ????, Vicki Preboth

Steve Downey and Kip Ehrke

Steve Downey and Kip Ehrke

Larry Lingle

Larry Lingle (middle)

Doug & the Inntruders

Doug Terbush (right) and The Inntruders

Bob Wiley, Jerry Hahn

The Bob Wiley Rythmaires, with Jerry Hahn on lead guitar (right)

Inventor, musician, Bob Wiley

Bob Wiley

Phil Uhlik

Phil Uhlik

Every Wichita musician knows this man!